DiskSave.com is the ultimate state of the art online storage system that will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and always available. Our online storage systems take the guess work out of wondering where to store sensitive files.


DiskSave Backup Server (OBS) is the core engine of the Online Backup Suite. It provides reliable stores for user backup data, profiles and backup configurations. Moreover, the integrity of the backup data is closely monitored. Furthermore, OBS keeps track of the usage information, quotas and activities of each user, as well as system activities and exceptions. This comprehensive operational information makes user and system administration much simpler. In addition, the extensive email alerts would keep the system administrators informed on the system wellness, and users updated on the status of their backups.


Product Demo

Sometimes the best way to actually see how it works is to SEE HOW IT WORKS! We agree with this concept so we decided to include some demos of our product in action.



Data Security

Obviously data security is a priority and it is our specialty. Preserving the integrity of your data is what means most. Whether it is a family photo or highly confidential HIPAA regulated patient data we treat your data with the utmost care. This whitepaper document will give you some more information on just "how secure" our system is.



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