DiskSave.com is the ultimate state of the art online storage system that will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and always available. Our online storage systems take the guess work out of wondering where to store sensitive files.


Specialized backup agents
Seed load utility for bandwidth saving
Offsite replication of customer data
Daily eMail Notifications
Backup scheduling
Incremental backups
128-bit encryption
DiskSave Backup Suite is a comprehensive data protection system. DiskSave offers an easy-to-use and reliable backup solution to ensure that important business and personal data is protected and is readily available when needed.
          Low cost, best protection

DiskSave Backup Suite offers complete protection to your business data at the best value of money currently available in the market. Unlike other products, DiskSave offers all core features you "need" without requiring you to pay for some "nice to have" features that you will never use.


         Multiple levels of protection
To provide further assurance we utilize the DiskSave Replication Module, which allows you to replicate your backup data to a DiskSave Replication Server located in another building and in another state. Moreover, the level of the data synchronization is close to real-time. Your business can thus be protected from fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, etc.



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